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A head of a major bank announces the Australian property market will crash by 20% The next day, the head of another major bank says the Australian Real Estate market will crash by 30%? Do these guys really think the Australian property, particularly the Sydney property market and the Melbourne property markets are going to crash? Or is there more to it these headlines? Well, that’s exactly what unpack in this video....

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The 3 Reasons Why Sydney Property Prices Won't Crash

Hi, Niro Thambipillay here and in this video, I want to talk about the 3 reasons why the Sydney Property market won’t crash. If you’ve been reading the newspapers, almost every second day, there is some sort of headline from some so called expert who says that Sydney property prices are going to crash. But the fact of the matter is that Sydney prices have never crashed and they are not going to crash right now. But before we talk about the 3 reasons why the Sydney property market won’t crash, let’s......

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