Do Interest Rate Rises Make the Australian Property Market Crash? (What 25 years of data reveals)

Is Chicken Little saying property prices will crash (again)? This time, he’s blaming interest rates rising right? Well, let’s see what the data reveals

Do you know the story of Chicken Little?

He used to run around telling everyone the sky was going to fall and causing mass hysteria…

Just because an acorn from a tall oak tree fell on his head.

And right now, we have lots of Chicken Littles running around in the mass media trying to cause similar mass hysteria by telling everyone the property market is going to crash when interest rates rise.


Well, I’m hoping that since you’re here with me, you’re not someone who wants to make their investing decisions based on headlines and hysteria.

Instead, you want to use fact and data to make your investing decisions.

And that’s what I aim to provide in this week’s video.

Look! There is no doubt that interest rate movements do affect property prices.

Of course… but it’s not what most people seem to think.

That’s why in this week’s video, I go through:

*** What happened to property prices when interest rates moved over the last 25 years. The startling facts revealed.

*** Australians have a record amount of mortgage debt so that means property prices must fall right? Wrong! Discover the truth about those record mortgage debt levels and why it will have virtually zero impact on property price movement going forwards

*** Could the next property boom be about to begin, even while the masses worry about property prices falling? Discover how the same factors that caused the 2020/2021 property boom are coming into play again

I understand that what I talk about in this video might be completely different to what others are saying.

I don’t apologise for that. My aim to provide facts and data – not fan the flames of uncertainty.

So if want to make an informed decision about whether to invest, check out my video

(But if you don’t want to facts and data and prefer to believe what “others” are saying, then don’t bother watching my latest video. It’s not for you!)

To your success,



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Financial disclaimer: I am not your financial advisor and the opinions I share in this video are purely my opinions. This is not to be considered personal advice as it is general in nature.

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