How Niro Got to Be Named as One of the Nation’s Property Experts by “”


Niro Thambipillay started investing personally in 2002, at the end of the previous Sydney boom. With price growth slowing, rents not covering the mortgage and interest rates set to rise, Niro couldn’t see any point in investing into the Sydney market at the time, despite living there.

So after much research and study, Niro took the plunge and bought an investment property in Western Australia. At the time, most people in his inner circle thought he’d lost his mind.

Yet 18 months later, those very same people were stunned to see that Niro had doubled his money in 18 months. Niro was quite surprised too that his research and understanding of investing had paid off so well. Of course, Niro wasn’t always so successful with his investments but over time, he developed a research system that continues to pay dividend today.

For example, he sold his WA investment well before prices dropped, bought in Sydney in 2011 prior to the recent price boom and controversially predicted in 2016 that Sydney prices would fall and that Sydney was no longer the best market to invest in for growth.

He has now helped his inner circle clients purchase well over $61.8 Million worth of investment property and it was primarily because of the results he’s achieved for others that he was named as one of the “Nation’s Property Experts” by in 2016.

Niro has been featured in a string of publications, some of which are listed below



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