Is the Australian Property Market Going to Crash?

A head of a major bank announces the Australian property market will crash by 20%

The next day, the head of another major bank says the Australian Real Estate market will crash by 30%?

Do these guys really think the Australian property, particularly the Sydney property market and the Melbourne property markets are going to crash?

Or is there more to it these headlines?

Well, that’s exactly what unpack in this video.

I review these attention grabbing headlines about our property market crashing and I look at the 5, seemingly logical reasons people, who say the property market is going to crash, are basing their doomsday predictions on.

WARNING: DON’T watch this if you’re not looking for an independent assessment.

I literally review 40 years of history and other events to show you what people thought would happen to the Australian property market… and what actually happened.

Here’s a sample of what you’ll discover in this video:

  • The market that is currently being affected the MOST by the Covid-19 pandemic (You might want to consider avoiding this market for now)
  • Thinking about buying an investment property in 2020? Make sure you check out these 3 things FIRST!
  • The truth behind those scary media headlines. Discover if they are fact or fantasy
  • When to invest in property. (The right time to enter the property market revealed)
  • The surprising connection between record high unemployment and property prices (I wouldn’t have believed this either… until I saw the evidence)


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