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March 2017 Quarterly Market Report

Which way interest rates will go in 2017 The Counterintuitive Affordability Argument: Why suburbs in Sydney priced at over $2M are more likely to rise than suburbs priced at under $1M The dangers of buying an investment property priced under $700,000 in Sydney Plus more. We are certainly entering a different phase of the property market. Therefore, as an investor, you need to be more strategic in your investing. If you’d like some assistance with sourcing houses in high growth areas that have a low vacancy rate and will cost you no......

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Thinking of Investing in Queensland?

Thinking of investing in Queensland? Good move! Not only are prices still affordable with strong rental returns, but I believe that certain areas in South East Queensland will become the fastest growing markets in the coming 3 to 5 years. However, there are some risks for the person who does not do their research. Unfortunately, investing in Queensland is not a case of throwing a rock and just buying whatever house it lands on. So in this video, I outline the 3 major risks of investing in Queensland – and what you......

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Think You’ve Missed the Property Boom?

Think you’ve missed the property boom? Thinking of maybe investing interstate? Check out this quick video to discover: The dangers of interstate investing – and what you can do to avoid them The 3 things you need to consider when investing interstate Why property investing is a team sport – and those who try to do it alone are more likely to get burned If you’d like some assistance with sourcing property in high growth areas that cost you no more than a cup of coffee a day, then check out this......

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Is There Really an Apartment Oversupply in Sydney?

I’m often asked – “Is there really an Apartment Oversupply in Sydney?” Surely, with our constant immigration and high auction clearance rates, Sydney prices will just keep rising. If you feel like that, I understand – especially if you’re basing your decisions on what has happened over the last 4 years. From experience though, I know that I make my worst investing decisions when I rely on emotion alone. Hence, I have become a data guy – and this video I give you the facts about the oversupply. Check out this 3......

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A Message to NSW’s New Premier

With Sydney property prices at record high and affordability at record lows, there is a lot of talk about trying bring Sydney prices down (ie: make housing more affordable). In fact, this is one of the priorities the new premier has committed to. I, for one, which her all the best. Watch this video to discover… – 8 Ways the NSW Premier Could Try to Make Sydney Property Prices More Affordable – The Only Way She Can  (And Why I’m Betting She Won’t Take This Path!)...

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February Sydney Market Update

There is a lot of confusion about the Sydney market right now. Some people say to invest. I’ve been saying for a while that most people should stay away. So in this February market update, the facts speak for themselves. Some people can invest in Sydney but most shouldn’t. So watch this video to discover why… Why Sydney Price Growth Rates Can Be Misleading Why Only the Rich will make money in Sydney in the coming years Why Investing in a Sydney apartment in 2017 for most people is a recipe to......

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Should You Buy An Investment Property In Sydney This Year?

A common question I’m receiving right now is, “We understand Sydney is at the top of the cycle and has had some amazing growth. But shouldn’t we invest in Sydney anyway because, over the long term, we’ll still make some money?” I think that’s a great question and in this video, I answer that in detail. I look at: What investment strategy you should employ if investing in Sydney Why chasing high rental yields can be an expensive mistake Why strategic investment (rather than speculative investment) is a faster way to create......

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