Australian Property Market Update: Where Prices & Rents Are Growing The Most | 2022 Investors Beware

Australian house prices continue to rise but what does that mean for the rest of this year? Well, that’s exactly what you discover in this video.

Australian house prices are still breaking records in almost all markets.

But that doesn’t mean that you can invest anywhere.

Many who do are bound to get stung, especially if you get tempted by that shiny new Off the Plan apartment.

Neither should you just sit on the sidelines and wait.

Those who do are bound to look back in a few years and wish they had bought in 2022. If you’ve ever wished you had bought property a few years ago, you know how crummy this feels. You don’t want to go through that regret and pain again.

That’s why in this week’s video, I do a deep dive around the country and look at what each of our markets are doing.

In particular, you’ll discover…

*** The only capital city market where rental yields are increasing. The truth about investing there revealed

*** Wondering where to buy? Discover how to target the markets that have the most opportunity for capital growth

*** Exposed! The markets where rents are rising the fastest… and how to target those that also offer capital growth

This again is another data driven video. My aim is to cut through the confusion created by many in the main stream media, looking for their 15 minutes of fame. I want to give you the facts so you can make the right decisions for you and your family.


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Financial disclaimer: I am not your financial advisor and the opinions I share in this video are purely my opinions. This is not to be considered personal advice as it is general in nature.

Hi, my name is Niro Thambipillay and I’m the founder of Investment Rise. I think it’s important you feel comfortable and confident when making decisions about your financial future. Continue >>

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