Major bank predicts the end of Australia’s property boom. Are they right?

As the property boom continues to roll on, people are starting to ask, “when will the property boom end?”

And right on cue, we’re starting to see some banks come out and predict when the property boom will end.

Are they right? Get my thoughts in this week’s video.

In addition you’ll discover…

** The secret message hidden within the bank’s property predictions

** The 1 thing that is set to happen in 2022 that could change what almost everyone in the mass media is saying about property prices

** Since property prices are so high, surely they must come down at some point right? Not necessarily. Discover exactly what will continue to prop up property prices in the future (Hint: It’s not government spending)

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Financial disclaimer: I am not your financial advisor and the opinions I share in this video are purely my opinions. This is not to be considered personal advice as it is general in nature.

Hi, my name is Niro Thambipillay and I’m the founder of Investment Rise. I think it’s important you feel comfortable and confident when making decisions about your financial future. Continue >>

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