Sydney house price growth slows – why its good news for property investors wanting positive cashflow

Worried about the fact that Sydney house prices are not growing as fast? Then this is for you.

Yes, it’s true!

Sydney, Australia’s fastest growing housing market, over the last 12 months, is starting to slow.

So why is this good news for (some) property investors?

That’s what I outline in this week’s video

Here’s a quick snapshot of what you’ll discover

*** Are Sydney house prices about to reverse? The startling picture that the data reveals

*** Want capital growth and positive cash flow? Discover the unique window of opportunity you have… starting now

*** The areas that I expect to lead from a capital growth perspective going forwards

Who is this video for? This is for you…

If you have an existing property portfolio and are worried by the noise in the mainstream media or

If you are thinking about buying an investment property but are spooked by the media headlines

So, if you fit into either of these two criteria, then this you need to check out this week’s video.

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Financial disclaimer: I am not your financial advisor and the opinions I share in this video are purely my opinions. This is not to be considered personal advice as it is general in nature.

Hi, my name is Niro Thambipillay and I’m the founder of Investment Rise. I think it’s important you feel comfortable and confident when making decisions about your financial future. Continue >>

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