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Banks Raising Interest Rates Outside of RBA Movements

Last week, I put out a video where I said I expect banks to start raising their interest rates independent of the RBA from the start of 2017! I was wrong. They started to do so from December 2016, before Christmas! So this video, I outline: How you can benefit from banks raising interest rates Who will be the big losers as banks start to raise their rates outside of the RBA Why the old school thinking of saving your way to wealth is dead! Would you like some assistance investing in......

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How to Use Equity to Buy Property

Have you owned a house in Sydney or Melbourne for more than 3 years? If so, then you almost certainly have equity in your house. Watch this video to discover… How to use equity to grow a property portfolio (without using any of your own money) How to work out how much Available Equity you actually have (The answer may surprise you) How to protect your home when using equity… so you can rest easy How to ensure the extra debt does not affect your lifestyle A dirty little secret almost no......

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Principle and Interest vs Interest Only Home Loans

What’s Better – An Interest Only Loan or a Principle and Interest Loan? Well, if you want to have maximum flexibility and control over your money, and create wealth, there is a clear winner. In 8 minutes, this video explains why. (Disclaimer: This is only general information and not be considered as specific financial advice) If you believe this will help someone, please share and let me know your thoughts or if you have any questions in the comments field below. To Your Success, Niro...

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Buy Your Own Home First or Rent and Invest? The Choice Made Clear

It’s a common question. Should I buy my own home first or should I rent and invest first? In this video, I aim to cut through the fog of confusion and give you the numbers behind each option. Once you understand the financial implications of each option, you can then make an informed decision. Leave me a comment below and share this with anyone who you think this could help. To your success, Niro...

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To Fix or Not to Fix Your Rates? The 3 Things to Consider Before You Decide to Fix

It’s a common dilemma – do you fix your rates or don’t you? Fixing your rates gives you security that you know what your repayments will be during the fixed rate period. However, it also gives your lender the assurance you will almost certainly remain a client for the full extent of the fixed rate period. Even if you do decide to refinance during a fixed rate period for whatever reason, you will almost certainly end up paying hefty penalties. So your lender will make their money anyway. I’ve seen some people......

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