Will the Corona Virus Cause Property Prices to Fall?

Covid-19 is causing all sorts of damage to our economy and the share market. Will property prices be next?  [Warning: This is bound to be controversial]

Here’s a small fraction of what this video covers…

  • Why reports of property prices crashing are inaccurate. The truth behind those scary headlines
  • What a recession will mean for property prices (Hint: Not all areas will be affected the same way!)
  • The areas that will suffer the biggest prices falls due to the Corona Virus
  • How to find the markets with the best potential for a capital gain (Yes! They do exist)
  • The RBA did something for the first time in Australia’s history. What that means for property prices (You don’t want to miss this!)
  • Thinking of investing in a regional town? Make sure you confirm this first!

Plus so much more

Hi, my name is Niro Thambipillay and I’m the founder of Investment Rise. I think it’s important you feel comfortable and confident when making decisions about your financial future. Continue >>

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