Why It’s Cheaper to Own Investment Property in Sydney in 2020 Than In 2010 (No Crash Here!)

Warning: This video might change the way you look at property investing.

When it comes to property investing, the numbers don’t lie.

That’s why, in this video, I walk you through a case study to prove to you why it can be cheaper to own an investment property in a major capital city like Sydney in 2020 than in 2010.

In addition, here’s what you’ll discover in this video:

  • Why focusing on yield alone can lead to poor investment choices (The shocking truth revealed here)
  • See what’s actually happened to property prices across Australia since the start of Covid-19 (Hint: Many who made those scary predictions in March and April have gone eerily quiet now)
  • Heard that Australians have record levels of debt and that could cause property prices to crash? Discover why everything you’ve heard is totally wrong and what the truth is instead.
  • Not happy with how much your income has risen? You’re not the only one. See why our minimal wage growth still makes it cheaper to hold an investment property in 2020 vs 2010

Bonus: Stay until the end to discover why some suburbs are rising in value even now, while others are falling (They key factor you must consider when choosing where to invest in property)

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