The Truth About Buying an Investment Property in 2019

Can you invest successfully in 2019, especially with all the market changes? Well, that’s what I answer in this video.

In particular I outline what I would do if I was buying my first investment property in 2019, based on my 17 years of experience.

Here’s a fraction of what you’ll discover in this content packed video…

[1:25] The Market Predictions I was Criticised Heavily For … Until 16 Months Later


[2:25] Unsure about the right investment strategy for you? The Simple Framework that cuts through the confusion, removes the stress and gives you crystal clear clarity


[4:25] Revealed! The Secret Tactic Almost All Professional Investors Use When Considering Their Next Investment Choice (Once You Understand This, You’re Far More Likely To Make a Profitable Investing Decision)


[5:59] The Truth About Deciding Where to Buy


[6:56] You need to buy in a sharply rising market to make money, right? Wrong! Discover the strategy I used to buy in Sydney in 2011 (when almost nobody else was predicting the Sydney market would boom) … and how you can use it again in 2019


[7:44] Why you should never buy in these markets


[8:43] Thinking of buying an older property to renovate? Warning! The ONE thing that almost nobody considers, that forces you to lose money regardless of how good a job you do


[9:45] The hidden danger of focusing on positive cash flow property


[10:25] How to work out if you can afford the investment property (Hint: It has very little to do with price point and more to do with this instead)


[11:34] Benefit: What never to buy in 2019


[12:14] Why many first-time investors in 2019 are relying on outdated information… and what to do instead. The powerful strategies that many of your friends and family don’t know.


[12:53] Not Sure If You Should Buy Old or New Property? The Surprising Answer That Allows You to Sleep At Night (Hint: It all just comes down to this one thing!)


[14:18] The Success Triad – Why I Would Never Invest Without These 3 Pillars In Place (Never!)


[15:55] How to save 50% or more in stamp duty on your next investment property (The secret strategy that even the federal Labor party won’t touch)


[16:56] Not sure if you have the right mortgage broker? The 2 Questions You MUST ask (Hint: if she can’t answer them… RUN!)


[18:18] Not sure about whether you should buy your own home or not? The secret strategy (used for decades) that makes it cheaper to buy your own home


[19:19] Concerned about whether you can get a tenant? The 2 simple strategies that virtually guarantee your property gets rented fast every time (Hint: No rental guarantees needed)


Yes, that’s a lot of content packed into a short video


But I figure that if you’re serious about investing, you’re not looking for something that’s just full of fluff.


So sit back, turn the volume up and enjoy.



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