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6 Questions You Must Ask Before You Consider Investing Into An Area

Many people will often tell me they want to invest in an area because they know it. It’s often their local suburb or one close by. Yet, when I ask them these 6 questions to see how well they know their chosen area, they rarely can answer even one. Remember, when investing in an area, you need to analyse it from an Investment Perspective. If you look at an area from a comfort zone perspective (ie: you feel comfortable because you “know” the area), you’re likely to make a mistake. Discover What......

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To Fix or Not to Fix Your Rates? The 3 Things to Consider Before You Decide to Fix

It’s a common dilemma – do you fix your rates or don’t you? Fixing your rates gives you security that you know what your repayments will be during the fixed rate period. However, it also gives your lender the assurance you will almost certainly remain a client for the full extent of the fixed rate period. Even if you do decide to refinance during a fixed rate period for whatever reason, you will almost certainly end up paying hefty penalties. So your lender will make their money anyway. I’ve seen some people......

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