House price growth continues to slow in Sydney & Melbourne. Why you should (and should not) care

Does this mean the property boom is about to end?

The August results are in… and for the 11th month in a row, the national median price for houses rose.

No surprises there. So, what’s the fuss about?

Well, it seems that the rate of price growth is slowing down for Sydney and Melbourne

And some media headlines indicate this might be a signal that the property boom is coming to an end.

Are they right?

Are prices about to fall?

Have you missed out?

Check out my thoughts in my latest video

If you’ve been following my work for any length of time, you’ll (hopefully) know that one of my investing mantras is, “Ignore the headlines. Decide based on the data.”

So in this video, I dive into the data behind these clickbait based headlines and show you exactly what is happening in the market right now.

If you’re thinking about buying (or selling), then you need to watch this video.

Here’s a snapshot of what you’ll discover

*** “What goes up must come down”, right? Wrong! Discover why that does not apply to our property market… and what the truth actually is.

*** Which areas I expect to grow the most from now onwards. (Hint: You might have to start looking outside of your local area. One of our members did and she’s made over 15% capital growth in just 6 months… and she’ll make even more before the year is over.)

*** Looking to buy an investment property for $550,000 or under? Why now is a very exciting time for you (especially if you want to build a property portfolio that pays you a passive income)

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**Financial disclaimer: I am not your financial advisor and the opinions I share in this video are purely my opinions. This is not to be considered personal advice as it is general in nature.

Hi, my name is Niro Thambipillay and I’m the founder of Investment Rise. I think it’s important you feel comfortable and confident when making decisions about your financial future. Continue >>

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