EP 41 – Is the RBA About to Extend Australia’s Real Estate Boom?

If you haven’t got into the market yet, you could be forgiven for thinking you’ve missed out.

After all prices, almost everywhere have risen significantly in the last 12 months.

And there are many pundits out there who’ll tell you that the property market is running out of steam.

I don’t think so.

 In fact, as crazy as it sounds, I’m going to say that the property boom is about to be extended.

And that means, you have a second chance!

A second chance to get involved in this property boom, if you haven’t already – or maybe to go again if you’re already in the market.

Why do I say that?

I explain everything in this episode.

Here’s a brief snapshot of what I cover:

*** Heard that interest rates are about to rise because of rising inflation? Discover why that’s completely wrong and what’s more likely to happen instead

*** The 3 options the RBA have to expand the economy after our recent lockdowns. Why they ALL could add rocket fuel to property prices going forwards

*** The key factor that will continue to force property prices higher (Hint: It’s not interest rates)

So if you’ve been sitting on the side-lines, wondering whether you should jump in or wait, I’m here to say that (in my opinion), there’s a significant chunk of price growth about to come. I hope you’ll take advantage of it

Check out this episode to get all the details.


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