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This video goes through some of the major questions I have been receiving recently including… Can you still make money investing in property in 2018? How do I find new property hotspots to invest in? How do I ensure my property gets rented? Can you make money investing outside of Sydney and Melbourne right now? Plus more. So if you have any of these questions about the property market in 2018, then this video is worth watching. To your success, Niro...

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A Sneaky Way to Get Notified About Property Hotspots Before Others (Sort of!)

Here’s a question for you… Have you ever wished, there was a way you could get advanced notice of the next hotspot… before everyone else did? Almost like a way of cheating so you don’t have to go through spreadsheets full of charts and graphs and data? I mean who really wants to go through all of that anyway right? Well in this post, I’m going to show you how I get advanced notice of prospective hotspots… and how you can too. But first let me tell you how this came about.......

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The 6 Triggers That Could Cause The Property Market to Crash (Possibly!)

Turn up the video on this one as I outline the 6 triggers the could cause our 2 biggest property markets to crash. Here are the 6 triggers in brief: Mass unemployment causing a tsunami of forced homes sales A rapid increase in interest rates resulting in home owners defaulting on their home loans A Credit “Squeeze” Recession! Population Growth Stops! Government Intervention (Interference?) Watch the video for further detail on this and let me know whether I have missed anything. Please note: None of this is financial advice and I’m not......

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