Banks are raising rates. Is the property boom over?

It’s true! Some banks are raising interest rates. Does that mean it’s time to panic? Does it mean the property boom is about to come to a screeching halt?

Look, there is no doubt that interest rate movements do impact property price growth. But I think some people are jumping to conclusions.

Get the facts in my latest video

Here’s a brief snapshot of what you’ll discover:

*** What is actually forcing banks to raise long term fixed rates… even though the RBA is not even hinting at raising the cash rate


*** Why interest rate rises are likely to be good for investors


*** What it means for property prices (Hint: Don’t believe the doomsday folk using outdated data to get their 15 seconds of fame)


Whatever you do, when it comes to investing you don’t want to make impulsive decisions based on the latest media hype. Get the facts in my latest video.

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