7 myths about property investing in Australia that don’t apply in 2022. First time investors beware

Are you about to make one of these property investing mistakes?

Let me be blunt!

There are 7 rules or beliefs about property investing that no longer apply in 2022.

The problem is many people are making investing decisions based on these outdated rules.

And if you are too, it could easily cause you to make a HUGE property investing mistake.

Now here’s the worst part…

The people who are telling you to follow any (or all) of these rules might have your best intentions at heart.

They really might!

Unfortunately, they are operating on outdated rules and beliefs. In fact, beliefs that are so outdated, I would relegate them to the category of myths.

What’s a myth?

The Oxford Dictionary defines it as a “widely held but false belief or idea”.

And that’s definitely the case here.

These 7 rules are what many people believe to be true about investing…

And unfortunately, studies show that people judge how correct an opinion or rule is, based on how many other people believe it to be true.

Think about it…

If you’re considering, which of 2 restaurants to go to, you’ll probably go to the one that has more people in it. (It must be better since it has more people inside, right?)

When you used to go clubbing (that was 20 years ago for me!), you’d judge the popularity of a club by the number of people standing outside. (It must be good if so many people are waiting to go in, right?)

And unfortunately, that’s how most people decide to invest. The thinking is, if most people invest this way, it must be true right?


Did you know that based on data from the ATO, less than 5% of investors reach their property investing goals (I’m being generous with this figure). That means that 95% of investors never get there.

And the fact is that 95% will almost certainly follow one of these 7 outdated rules.

I don’t want you to join that 95%.

I want you to be in the top 5% of property investors.

That’s why you need to check out this week’s video.

You need to make sure you’re not about to follow one of these 7 outdated property investing rules.

They just no longer apply in 2022. In fact, some of them have been outdated for a number of years.

So make sure you check out this week’s video

To your success,



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