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Who Else Wants Great Capital Growth From Your Next Investment Property?

Once you see how SIMPLE, FORMULAIC & REPEATABLE our proven investment process is, you’ll wonder why you haven’t started sooner…

The Investment Rise Property Investment Advisory Service

Niro Thambipillay, Founder of Investment Rise and Named One of the Nation’s Property Experts by News.com.au

We’ll reveal step-by-step his proven process of how to build a highly profitable property investment portfolio. This is the exact process he used to build his own multi million dollar property portfolio and source over $61.8 Million worth of investment property for his clients. This is essential knowledge for the busy individual or couple who wants to invest for success.

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The Investment Rise Property Investment process takes the guess work out of investing. Our educational and consulting process ensures our clients get an unfair advantage and fast tracks their property investing success. My personal experience in building a successful property portfolio that allowed me to leave my high paying job to do what I love ensures every one of my clients receive industry leading education and the latest market research to allow them to invest with confidence and have peace of mind about their future.

Niro Thambipillay

Stacking the Odds In Your Favour

Property investing is a team sport. Trying to succeed on your own, without the right guidance isn’t easy, especially when you’re starting because there are so many different things to learn. That’s where we come in. You get to use all of our experience to help you SUCCEED FROM THE START.

To succeed as a property investor, you need to have the right knowledge and the right mindset. That’s why we place such a priority around our education piece. We want to make sure that every Investment Rise client builds the knowledge base required to succeed as an investor and have the lifestyle they deserve.

Our detailed research process helps us stay ahead of the market. We want to help you invest in areas BEFORE their growth cycle takes off (and not be misled by media headlines and media hype)

Do You Fit The Following Criteria?


  • Are you someone who wants to invest in property but are unsure of where to buy and how to get into the market?
  • Have you invested in property before but failed to see the results you wanted – and are now feeling a little gun shy about investing again?
  • Do media headlines about property prices confuse you?
  • Does Property Investing seem difficult, scary and overwhelming, so you just keep putting in the “Too-Hard” basket?
  • At the same time, do you want to avoid looking back with regret in 5 years, wishing you’d bought earlier?
  • If you answered yes to any of these questions, then you’re in the right place!

Here’s Why…

Did you know that the vast majority of property investors only ever buy ONE investment property?! It is only the top 1-2% of property investors who own 5 or more! Yet you too could have multiple properties once you understand the following:

  • The Power of Having the Right Loan Structure For Maximum Flexibility and Protection
  • How You Use Leverage to Accelerate Your Results
  • How You Identify High Growth Areas
  • Why You MUST NEVER Buy Property That Costs You More Than a Cup of Coffee A Day
  • Ensure You Know How to Maximise All the Benefits You’re Entitled to

But Look… We Get It

It’s not your fault if you have not yet succeeded in property to the level you desire….

And you have no doubt heard a million opinions on what makes a good investment or learned from a whole bunch of different sources and you are more confused than ever…

In fact, that’s probably a big part of why you’re still with me and that’s OK!

This is what we do and we are VERY good at it. We have helped dozens of people invest in property using our proven formula and we are confident to say that help is on the way


But Here’s a Question For You…

Do You Want to Understand the Property Investment Process So You Can Become a Successful Investor?

And have us support you through every aspect of the Property Buying Process, Getting the Right Loan and the Ongoing Management of Your Property

Introducing The Investment Rise Buyers Advisory Service


The Suburbs Set to Grow Next. Get in at the Start of the Next Growth Cycle

Exclusive Access to Properties

The Best Deals Are Often Snapped Up Before They Hit the Open Market. Now You Get to Play In This Exclusive Field & Grab a Bargain Before They Are Gone!

The Optimal Finance Structure

This is a Critical Step Most Investors Fail to Consider. We’ll Help You Get the Right Loans so You Are In Control, You Have Maximum Flexibility and You Are No Longer at the Whim of the Banks

Knowledge Transfer

We Share Our Proven Secrets to Help You Build Your Portfolio Faster, Show You How to Maximise Your Investing Benefits & Keep You Updated as the Market Evolves

Portfolio Review

We Review the Performance of Your Properties At Least Once a Year To Ensure You’re On Track to Achieve Your Investing Goals.

So How Does Our Process Work…

That’s a good question. Let me explain..

This is a proven 6 step process that we have designed and used to help our clients purchase over $55.2 Million worth of investment property. It is designed to accelerate your success and based on our 16 years of experience and inside knowledge to get you the best result possible.

Your 6 Step Process Explained

These steps are based on what has worked successfully with our clients in the past and what is working right now. We will work with you hand-in-hand to help build a personally tailored and systematic plan that will help you achieve above average growth and cash flow on your investment as well as educating you on how to become a more successful long-term investor

Step 1: Strategic Consult

  • We begin with a one-on-one Strategic Consult to get a clear understanding of your current situation and your investment goals.
  • We then provide a tailored plan for you. This sets you up for success BEFORE you begin investing

Step 2: Investing Education – The Key to Sleeping Peacefully at Night

  • We understand that transparency along and open communication is the key to a high trust based working relationship. Therefore, we are completely transparent at all times and will keep you informed of every step of the process.
  • This allows you to make informed decisions and always stay in control.
  • As we work with you hand-in-hand and guide and mentor you along the process, you get to build your understanding and knowledge to make you a better investor

Step 3: Source Property Before It Hits the Open Market without EVER Paying A Premium. 

  • We use a wide range of research data and tools to pin-point the best growth areas across the country that will fit within your investment goals and budget. We then go to work for you to source property that fits your exact criteria.
  • It’s widely known secret in the industry that the best property investment deals almost NEVER hit the open market – in other words, you’ll almost never see them on RealEstate.com.au
  • Our advanced negotiation skills combined with our years of experience allow us to access these “Off- Market” deals before they get snapped up by other professional investors.
  • Using our unique methodology, we guarantee that you NEVER pay too much for any property (we explain exactly how this works in our initial consultation!)

Step 4: Source Finance

  • Getting the right finance structure is crucial to your investing career. We want to ensure your home is protected, you stay in control (as opposed to the banks having control over you and your assets) and that you maximise your borrowing capacity (so you can maximise your wealth!)
  • As Investment Advisors, we can access virtually any bank you can think of and our role is to help ensure you get the best deal, virtually without you having to lift a finger.

Step 5: Team Support

  • Our service does not stop once we source you a property. We stay with you for every step of the acquisition process including getting you the right loans, settling your purchase and then the management of your property for long term success with minimum hassle and fuss
  • We review your portfolio at least once a year to ensure you are maximising your opportunities. We review the capital growth position and current rent on your entire portfolio to see how you are tracking in line with your goals.
  • We provide you with regular market updates, which are only available to our inner circle clients. So you get to stay ahead of everyone else and be confident that you have the latest information at your finger tips.

Step 6: Rinse and Repeat

  • If you’re serious about building long term, life changing wealth, then buying your first investment property is a great start. However, you need to repeat the process to achieve your financial goals.
  • Once you are ready to invest again either due to capital growth in your properties, paying down debt or increased savings, we will work together to locate and help you purchase your next investment property.
  • Here’s My Promise to you. Once you understand how simple we make the entire process, you will want to repeat it as many times as you can, and as quickly as you can in order to achieve your long term financial and retirement goals.

Are You Willing To Take The Next Step
To Fast Track Your Property Portfolio?

One thing I find frustrating and stupid is that most people stop their education process when School or University finishes. For me and most likely for you also if you are reading this letter, you know that now is the time to take things up a gear and invest in experts to build your knowledge and use their skills to help you achieve your financial goals.

By doing this you are doing things that others are not willing to do to get results that others will never get.

Imagine in a few years from now how you will feel when you…

  • Increased Your Wealth Significantly from Capital Growth (Money you didn’t need to actively work for!)
  • Have The Choice to Work Less or Retire Early because you started your investment journey this year, according to a proven plan that worked for you (and didn’t affect your lifestyle!)
  • Feel Incredibly Secure About Your Financial Future because you know your properties will be there to take care of you!
  • Are Able to Help Your Children in two ways. Firstly, because of the extra knowledge you have gained from working with our team of industry leading experts and secondly, because of the extra money you have made which you can use to help them!
  • Have More Time to spend with your loved ones and on what you like to do because you are less stressed and don’t need to work such long hours.
  • Enjoy a Great Feeling of Success and Accomplishment because you overcame your fear and skepticism to start your investing journey with us years ago – and can now look back and enjoy the fruits of your success!

Life would become a lot more fun and stress free right?  It definitely can be… like it is for these past clients of ours…

Real Investors, Real Results 

Our Clients Have Achieved Some Amazing Results and Here Is A Small Handful of Their Stories

“We thought it was too late to start investing in our 50s but now to have 3 investment properties is amazing. We could never have done it without Niro’s support… And we can sleep too!”

Margie and Tony Fernandes

“Niro has now helped us into our first investment property, and we’re paying off our mortgage faster than ever. We could not be happier.”

The Mathur Family

The One Thing Which You Can Never Get Back Is Time.  That Is What Investment Rise Saves You and Gives You

Could you build a property portfolio on your own? Quite likely…

Would you be able to buy in the right locations, get the right loans every time and build your portfolio to the same size without leveraging our insider connections and proven system? Very unlikely.

Why go through all the hard expensive learnings we had to do when we were first getting started when you can leverage our proven systems, resources and inside connections to fast track the process of building your own sustainable and profitable property portfolio?

What You Need to Do Now…

Contact us today for a complimentary no-obligation Strategic Consultation about your current situation and what you would like to achieve with your investment goals.